Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Volunteer of the Year Award - Tim Bach

The Dream Factory is so proud and thankful for all of our volunteers who continue to make us one of the top wish-granting organizations in the world. At our annual convention in Orlando last month, we gave out our Volunteer of the Year Award. With The Dream Factory relying almost exclusively on the work from volunteers, the Volunteer of the Year is one of the top honors given annually. And this year, fittingly, it went to Tim Bach from the Central Missouri Chapter.

Searching for a charity to be a part of five years ago, Tim Bach watched a promotional video about The Dream Factory. Instantly, his wife Paula remembers, he was hooked. What a treasure that short video turned into for both Tim and The Dream Factory. Five years and countless dreams later, Tim Bach is now an integral part of The Dream Factory and was this year's recipient of the Volunteer of the Year Award.

According to his wife, he was born to do this. “Tim is an organizer by DNA,” Paula says. “He is outgoing and friendly. He is caring. And he loves children. It’s pretty much a perfect fit.”

Tim is a dedicated volunteer whose commitment to making a difference in the lives of children in need has not gone unnoticed. The Dream Factory was pleased to present him with this award.

Rewind to 2007 and the eager Tim didn’t waste much time to get involved in the organization. He became the Central Missouri Chapter Vice President and later was a member on the National Board of Directors. This past year, he was elected Central Missouri’s President, became a mentor to new chapters, was appointed to the Executive Committee by Board President Janice Harris, and had a strong role in the recent Long-Range Planning Committee. He is an example of what volunteerism is all about so, not surprising, is presented with this award.

Paula says: “Tim does not do this to look good or be someone important. He just selflessly spends hours for one thing – the kids.”

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