Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Make a dream come true this holiday season!

As we celebrate this holiday season by reflecting all the good in our lives and generously giving to our loved ones and those in need, The Dream Factory is asking that you take a moment to think about “our” children. Please be a part of making a dream come true – to help bring a smile to the face of a child wanting, perhaps needing, to feel special as Christmas and the New Year approaches.

Giving a child a dream not only provides them with relief from their daily struggles and a meaningful experience with family and/or friends, it leaves all those involved with a lifetime of memories. “The Dream Factory sent all of us on an amazing trip,” a mother from our Central Missouri Chapter recently wrote. “Something comes up almost every day that reminds us of how much fun we had together and how blessed we are. Even years later, I still can’t find the words to express how grateful I am.”

To donate to The Dream Factory this holiday season – regardless of the amount – visit our national website at and use our secure “Donate Now” option through Network for Good. These children and their families face a life of hardships but you have the opportunity to help, and what better time than now. Spread the word of The Dream Factory. Make a dream come true this holiday season!