Tuesday, October 9, 2012

mAAgic Flight!

We love mAAgic Flight! Did I say that loud enough? WE LOVE MAAGIC FLIGHT!!

The Dream Factory was proud to be a part of mAAgic Flight again this year. The excitement in Orlando was unreal, felt by the families we sent there and the volunteers who traveled to take part in the magical experience. The children arrived, one by one, at the Orlando Airport on Sept. 21 to a roaring crowd of Dream Factory supporters. The first child off the plane that day was little Emma from Syracuse – it just so happened that Emma was also the Syracuse Chapter’s first-ever dream fulfillment, adding to the excitement. And the final child to arrive, later that night, was Desire from St. Louis. Desire came off the terminal (facing all her screaming supporters), stopped her wheelchair and raised a fist in the air. What a way to end the day!

The children were then escorted to Give Kids The World in central Florida, possibly the most magical place in the world, where they stayed for seven days and got the opportunity to visit the amusement parks in the area. They were at GKTW until Sept. 27, and then they were flown back to their home cities spread across the United States. The Dream Factory was pleased to make 14 children’s dream come true.

mAAgic Flight is sponsored by The Something mAAgic Foundation, American Airlines and GKTW. This year, The Dream Factory and three other children’s wish-granting organizations took part. It is the annual marquee event for The Something mAAgic Foundation, offering children with life-threatening medical conditions a week-long “unforgettable” experience.

And that – an unforgettable experience – it was. It truly was awesome! Emma, Desire, and the 12 other children from The Dream Factory made memories that they can carry with them forever. These memories were much needed for the struggles these children face daily. And we at The Dream Factory were so happy to be a part of that.

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