Thursday, February 13, 2014

Racing Team announces three new members

The Dream Factory Racing Team is happy to announce that three new members have joined the team for 2014. The first is training to race in his longest-ever event (314 miles!), the second is planning a 3,100-mile bicycle ride across the United States, and the third is aiming for a return to the Boston Marathon just one year after being there during the tragic events of 2013.

For information on how to join the team, check out


Ultra Runner going for 314 miles

Frank Pic

Frank will be competing in the Vol State Road Race, which is a 500K, self-supported event across three states in the middle of July. Why? “Because it’s there, but to actually complete this nightmare of an event, I’m going to need some motivation.” That’s where The Dream Factory comes into play. Frank approached us about joining The Dream Factory Racing Team as a way to give back to the community, and for that needed boost of motivation. “And maybe put a smile on as many faces as I can through my struggles,” he said. Frank is an outdoor enthusiast who runs the roads and trails around Louisville during early morning hours, nights and weekends. He said he started running three years ago and fell in love with it, culminating with a 100-miler finish in November. This will be his first attempt at an event this long. Visit Frank’s donation page at

Cycle across the United States

Kevin Gambill

Yes, that’s the kind you pedal! Kevin will start his 3,100-mile journey in San Diego, California in March with the final destination being St. Augustine, Florida. The plan: 85 miles per day and six weeks to complete, passing through California, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Florida. Kevin is riding with a guy from Texas who is raising money for M.S. “It’s one of those bucket-list things,” the 48-year-old said. “It’s less about the bike and more about the journey.” Visit Kevin’s donation page at

Return to Boston after the bombings


Amy had already finished her 26.2-mile race on Boylston Street, had already snapped and uploaded a picture to Facebook, and had already made her way to the hotel room before tragedy struck at the Boston Marathon last April. It was a day she’ll never forget! But as soon as registration opened to enter this year’s race, Amy signed up and is ecstatic to be going back again. She will be lining up with thousands of others who are eager to not allow last year’s events slow them down. The race is scheduled for April 21 and Amy will be representing The Dream Factory!!!


Please help support the Dream Factory Racing Team by joining today or donating toward one of these athletes!

Friday, February 7, 2014


I hadn’t put up a new blog post in a while, and was tossing around a few ideas so just decided to hit on different topics in one post instead. There are many other happenings within The Dream Factory, including all the proceedings within the Long Range Planning Committee sub-committees and other avenues we're using to generate a buzz, but here are a few items worth mentioning.

GKTW and Sunshine: After intensive renovations, Give Kids The World and The Sunshine Foundation Village – two places in Orlando we send many Dream Factory families to each year – are back in the full swing of things. We’re looking forward to the many, many more dreams that both of these places will help us fulfill. Thank you GKTW and Sunshine!!! We’re super excited you’re back in business and to see the updates.

Dream Factory Racing Team: We’re still recruiting runners for The Dream Factory Racing Team during the spring/summer racing season. We’re excited to announce three new members: one who is biking across the country, another who is competing in a 300-mile-plus ultra-marathon race and another competing in the Boston Marathon a year after being there during the bombings. More information about these three coming soon! Check out how you can be a part of this team on our website at the direct link

Louisville’s Dream Factory Marathon and Half: The early planning is already taking place for next October’s event with two important issues being discussed now: what will be the date of the race and the new course layout. Those announcements will be made very soon! We’re excited for another opportunity to be partnered with this wonderful event.

Football Dreams: While we’ve had so many dreams take place during the previous few months, there are two “football” dreams worth noting. Heaven, from our North Carolina Chapter, went to a Pittsburgh Steelers NFL game in December. He was able to tour the facility, attend a practice, hang out with the players and watch a game. He also received a jersey, signed football, a game ball and the gloves of his favorite player, wide receiver Antonio Brown. Perhaps even more impressive, our Lexington Chapter sent Ryan to the Super Bowl last week. Ryan was also able to spend time with the Seahawks the day prior to the game. These were two awesome dreams!

New chapters: We’re happy to announce there are some new chapters in the process of opening up so announcements on these will be made soon as well. Also, we want to point out our newly-formed Pennsylvania Chapter for completing their first dream. Lexi and her family went to the Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas where they also had a swim-with-the-dolphins experience and went on a horseback ride.  And thanks to the Lexington Chapter for sponsoring this dream! Pennsylvania has hit the ground running and is doing a wonderful job!

                                                      Lexi from our Pennsylvania Chapter
March Meetings: We’re prepping for our annual March Meetings in Louisville. They will be March 21-22 so make sure to start making arrangements today, if you haven’t done so yet.

Social Media/Website: Besides Blogger, be sure to like us on Facebook at, follow us on Twitter at and check out our website at The IT Committee is in the process of updating our website.

And as always, continued to spread our mission!!!

~Tommie Kendall
Director of Program Services
February 7, 2014