Wednesday, November 5, 2014

A message from our new National Director/CEO

I want to thank The Dream Factory volunteers on behalf of myself and my family for the warm welcome that was extended to us at the National Convention in San Antonio in September. Starting a new adventure in life is exciting and sometimes scary for anyone, and starting my journey with the Dream Factory is no different. But I am ready to take the journey and excited for the future. I can’t wait to see what we as a group of dedicated individuals can do to help grant dreams for these deserving young ladies and gentlemen.

During the meeting it was brought to my attention that there weren't a whole lot of time to get to know me or for me to share with you something about me.

What is your background?

I am married to my lovely wife of 12 years, Natalie, and we have one daughter, Campbell, who is nine years old. The love of my life, Natalie, is an ICU nurse in a local hospital in Texas, and my daughter is in the fourth grade and my pride and joy.

I recently left American Airlines after nineteen years with them, holding a number of different roles, my last being an analyst in the Revenue Accounting Operations group. 

I have been a volunteer like many of The Dream Factory volunteers for a number of years supporting a number of different organizations in the Dallas/Ft Worth area. But a majority of my time lately has been spent running the Something mAAgic Foundation. I spent the last six years running the foundation but have held other positions on the board as well, including President-elect and President. My tenure with the Something mAAgic Foundation was 12 years which was all volunteer service. The misconception is that American Airlines pays its employees to be a member of this foundation, which is not the case. I volunteered over 500 hours a year for the last six years running the foundation. So I am dedicated to the cause and the organization.

What do you see are your biggest obstacles to overcome?

I think one of the biggest challenges for the Dream Factory moving forward is the visibility of the organization. If you are not within 50 miles of a local chapter, you know nothing about the organization and I think that is one of the reason you don’t see corporate support at a National Level.  I look forward to working with the Marketing Committee as well as you at a chapter level to gain the much need exposure for the Dream Factory.

Looking forward to the future!!

-Todd Fairbanks

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