Friday, July 5, 2013

Kisses from Abigail

We at The Dream Factory love hearing feedback from our “dream children” following a return from a vacation. Abigail, age 6 from our St. Louis Chapter, was particularly touching. Abigail visited the Sunshine Foundation on June 27 through July 3 with her family, including her parents, 8-year-old brother, 3-year-old sister and aunt. During their stay at Sunshine, they had three days at Walt-Disney World, one at SeaWorld and one at the beach. Following were her mother’s responses to a questionnaire following their return:

What was your child’s best part of the dream? Magic Kingdom: Small World Ride, Haunted Mansion, seeing Mickey, and by far the lights parade following the fireworks show.

What was your child’s favorite thing about the Dream Village? Abby loved the pool. It was a great ramp to walk her in and out. She did not want to stop swimming.

How has having this dream come true affected your child? Abby is tactile defensive and usually does not seek kisses, etc. like my other two children. She very, very rarely seeks kisses, almost never. At the Disney Parade, I asked her how she liked everything and she leaned forward and gave me the biggest kiss on the lips. (I cried, so special.)

Do you feel that having this dream come true improved your child’s health in any way? Abby definitely slept better; had a hardier appetite; was in high spirits for most of the trip.

According to her family, Abby was emotionally happier and upbeat, interactive with being open to trying new things and her expressions were laughing, smiling and singing. They also pointed out her pain/discomfort decreased with “less crying spells.”

How did this experience affect you and/or your family? We have not had a vacation since Abby was 2. This trip was like a refreshing rain after a very long drought. We have been able to enjoy and spend time with one another in the most wonderful setting. To Abby, life is a big party – she loves parades, music, fireworks – to experience all that was a dream come true!

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